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The vast majority of the hundreds of EU funding programmes available require Partnerships of 3 or more organisations in order to apply for a grant and many require multi-sectoral Partners. The problem many organisations face is finding appropriate Partners from the private, voluntary and public sectors in the desired countries. Finding Partners is very time-consuming and labour intensive.  

This Service is designed for any organisation, anywhere in the world, wishing to create, or join, a Partnership in order to attract EU funding.

We offer a pro-active service that will take all the hassle out of your Partner Search.

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Collaboration Requests (Examples)

The following are examples of the type of partnership requests we receive.

Family Economic Empowerment Initiative

Empower mainly women and widows who are bread winners of their family with small loans to improve their economic activities thereby improving the welfare of their family. (Nigeria)

Environmental and Human Dignity Promotion

This organisation aspires to become a leading environmental and human dignity promotion organization in Africa through integrity, excellence, and innovativeness towards achieving the objectives of ensuring the Protection of the environment and its natural resources, ensuring promotion of rule of law and the protection of the rights of the vulnerable and marginalized groups in society so as to contribute to development of vulnerable communities. TARGET GROUP. We focus extensively on vulnerable individuals, households, communities and organizations in the areas above through direct and indirect intervention, collaborations and partnerships. CORE ACTIVITY AREAS. In achieving our commitments, GEV's focuses on Vulnerable Community Change Initiatives. (Ghana)

Global Warming and Climate Change

This social service society is solely responsible for implementing developmental activities in districts of Tamilnadu India. The project is to generate awareness and protect our earth from global warming and climate change in rural and urban communities. (India)

The Development of a School for Children with Special Needs

Disabled children in parts of India suffer more than other regions of the country just because there are no facilities within their reach. As there is no such special institution for the disabled community in the District, such children are completely dependent on their parents, most of whom are in no position, financially and otherwise, to cater to their special needs. Thus, such children have no life now, and no future at all. They live lives of loneliness, worthlessness, even abuse and humiliation. Their families too live with guilt, helplessness and stigma. In other words, the need of the hour is specialised education, guidance and support. (India)

Sustainable Livelihood through Organic Farming

A non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization providing all-round assistance to women and children who are unable to help themselves. We strive to build up their confidence in order that they can integrate with the community once more and make their life and the lives of others more meaningful. To make the most impact on a child’s life, we focus our work on key issues such as Child Protection. Together, with families, our partners, and our sponsors we provide a centre of excellence for these individuals rehabilitation, which includes direct service, education, research, and numerous projects that are developed and executed by us. (Sri Lanka)

Primary Health Care Needs of Local Areas Communities

The proposal seeks to strengthen traditional medicine, dental, eye problems and explore its application in the treatment of health problems faced by women and children in rural remote areas of Karala state and Karaikal Districts. The project will serve to demonstrate contemporary relevance of traditional medicine in meeting primary health care needs of local areas communities. (India)


The project aims to exchange good practice, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, .... We are looking for those partners who already have introduced social entrepreneurship. Objective of the cooperation and transfer of good practice in Slovenia. Sustainable development is based on twinning. (Slovenia)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Partnership Service aims to assist you in finding potential partners. However, we do not vet the organizations (or their details) registered with us. We therefore advise you to undertake the checks you find necessary upon finding a suitable partner for your project.